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A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.

– Richard Branson –


Shakes & Fidget

The incredible success of our award-winning MMORPG continues even after a decade.

About 300,000 players dive into our epic adventures daily with their self-created heroes, making us a brand known all over Europe.

Real Multiplattform: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

Join Playa

Join Playa

Join Playa

Whether as a Druid, Mage, Scout, or in another heroic role. Whether male, female, or non-binary. We look forward to your application and are excited to see what role you would like to play with us.

Know Playa

Know Playa

In the game since 2009.

The team at Playa Games in Hamburg consists of 35 amazing people who, through their work, excite around 300,000 daily and approximately 700,000 monthly active players.


Playa Games GmbH
Alstertor 9
20095 Hamburg
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